#staycool😎 #perseverance.  Don’t leave to chase money.  But please,  don’t compare your life with others,  because it’s life anything can happen in future,  with you and with them, too. Good or bad,  anything means anything. Jealousy is way too hot like volcano to burn your blood cells.  Then don’t complain about the diseases you will get. According to psychologists and doctors,  negative thinking cause arousing of default in body.  Just thanks to god. that you have better life than the  person, who is sitting on roadside and begging for his one time bread. 

In short: just stop crying only for your bad experiences, and if you can’t understand others then don’t accept to others to understand your frustration.  



Girls get raped because they wear provocative clothes and use provocative makeup…. WTF.. What’s the matter with, when a 2 year old little girl had wounds on her vagina,  which was made by blades.  Shut up,  and please give attention to real issues. India have poverty,  labours have no money,  but when it comes to watch porn, they can afford it,  wow!   No one wants to talk about this issue,  because by talking about this,  it gives no money reward no attention.  Especially , women won’t give any crap about this. When there was a debate about survivors in rape cases,  you want to ignore  and jump up on the issue  to know how much discount available on shoes? And when it comes to return home late at night, you want facilities car,  someone besides you to make safety around you ( when I try to mention about danger than  you were on your level,  but when you are returning home alone at night, you are afraid,  because you know, the thing like sexual harassment is really exist,  I was not talking about superstions or rocket science,  just a real life issues,  which exist everywhere and almost acknowledge by everyone).    Just think about those women, who are alone outside there,  and being abused just because they are women and vulnerable to situations. But no,  you will return home and  you want to read thick novels eventhough only out of 100% of content you able to get only 20%.  Good India.  20th century but ideologies still in  thrash.  I can understand, it’s really hard to understand the harshness of the situation, until you yourself not able to experience,  and when it will,  you will react you are the only one,  who are going through this.  Think about the situation,  when you see your sister in front of your eyes and sensed the danger around her, but you ignored because probably you judged your sister or because of some jealousy,  you leave her,  and think – yeah you deserve this.  


In between all chaos of everyday,  when I able to quit  my mind,  so it likes  no it won’t shut.  Constantly searching answers of every riddle provided by our lives experiences.  

So here is a little creative effort  of mine, through which I want to show how I and everyone experience lots of series  of ideas in their only one thought. 

                               SCENE 1 👇

Welcome to one of the  loyal discussion of my royal kingdom (my brain) 😅. 

SCORPION KING  reigns my kingdom not Dwayne Johnson, real Scorpio.  I find his resemblance lies in me (at some extent). 
And me!  who I am?  The gatekeeper of my kingdom,  right now arranging this royal meeting just for you. 

Here story begins, 

So issue is my beloved king is totally fade up with the Writers, thinkers, philosophers, ministers, intellectuals with “double standards.” He don’t know who is more trustworthy. 

Title of discussion – “Hate fakeness.”  Yeah my beloved king will admire you,  if you write,  and speak “who you really are?”

Cause of discussion – my beloved king always had disappointments various times,  and constantly still getting loads of disappointments,  whenever he met people, Who consider themselves  as “different individual” and “pretend to  hold different aura” in themselves, but after investigation,  all are totally fake. He don’t know who is more trustworthy. 

Now he wants to make some statements according to his experiences –  “These individuals are like who can give you bitter experiences,  when you will go through their “words chain,”  it’s looks like you are visiting heaven, but when it comes to observe their “actions chain,”  they are like “in conflict” with their own “chain of words and actions .” 

It’s like two different chains are going to “absolutely lose their connection with each other.”  Don’t consider me as a professional consultant or a very well experienced individual but,  I would like to suggest people,  don’t present yourself as ” blind-folded in love” to other person. Verbal expressions  does matters,  but everyone doesn’t eternally follow their words, it’s really necessary to observe actions too. 

A very popular phrase really sketched absolute real life experience “actions speak louder than words.” It’s really hard to deal with when you met two “constantly contradictory personalities” within only one person (funny,  irritating at the same time). “

                        SCENE 2 👇
Now number of  chains  are increased more,  so it creates more distractions to understand the only one real character of person. 



But wait!  Oh snap 😯! I was protecting my kingdom of my dumbbox from all uninvited intruders. I am standing outside the gate,  armed,  in the darkness,  but not feared.  

Unltil, Suddenly someone  knocks  the door of my shallow kingdom of intellect, with the aquatic colored scroll  in his right hand.  Guess what it has a royal stamp,  and in left hand he have an aquatic colored lamp with a pearl like bright light. 

 So can I let this guest cum intruder in. But I can’t stop him either, because his scroll have Royal stamp, which permit him to enter in kingdom.  I don’t know who is this new member, has a very weird name – ACQUINOM. Now,  he is unnecessarily interrupting in conversation between my dumb box (Chief Minister of this kingdom) and my dear SCORPION KING.  Even ACQUINOM has no  fear, that, this scorpio has entitled with king.  Bravo! Mr. ACQUINOM,  don’t judge him by his size,  he’s more powerful,  courageous and intelligent than his size. Don’t run to me when this king will order his mobs to put you in jail.  

Crime: roasting king’s bain with the flame of illogical reasons. And I won’t be able to help you, because I am bond with the  chain of patriotism.

My problem I am feeling quite soothing,  warm in his presence, he has a very bright charm on his face. With a very aquatic colored cloak.  Why so much aquatic in everything? May be aquatic color is his favorite.  Okay, fine but a very impressive, bright personality, but probably his illogical reasons are showing how much mischievous he can be.  Please I love you my new friend,  don’t create problems for yourself.  
 I think I should give order to our most professional mediapersons, to broadcast our conversation on I hope people will love our new telecaste. Please support 😆.

In scene 1 👆 we  talked about,  “how actions can show someone’s degrees of commitment louder than words.” But, this new member of my dumb box is making new imaginations.

ACQUINOM (put his stupid idea forward in the assembly) : Think,  how can you measures someone’s commitment through his actions.  For instance,  s/he is putting efforts just for showing off that, how much he care about his/her fellow being,  but this same person may have some “contradictory intentions chain”  behind their actions  (who knows evil/bad).

Let me tell you a short love story.

Sanjay and Anupam (buisness partners) , Rashmi (fashion designer)

Both loves Rashmi. Rashmi and Anupam were already engaged,  but Sanjay can’t stop himself from falling for Rashmi.  And they were also living in same house at rent.
One day, she needs extra money. She had to arrange an expensive dress for her fashion show. 
Rashmi : can you give me Rs 25000.
Anupam : I already had gave you Rs 20,000
Rashmi : but I need more, for additional ornamentation of my dress.
Anupam: okay,  after today’s dinner I will give you.
Sanjay was also present there and quietly observing their,  conversation.

Then at dinner.  In middle of conversation Anupam and Rashmi both forget about money,  and they went home. 
At morning, Anupam and Sanjay were getting ready for important meeting. Anupam still don’t remembered about money.  When both were leaving house,  Sanjay silently leave RS 25,000 on living room table.  She thought,  Anupam leave the money.

Then after few years,  Sanjay came to know about Anupam’s secret love affair. Sanjay keeps that love affair confidential,  because he knows how much Rashmi loves Anupam, and more than this how much he loves Rashmi. 

So moral of the story all she is seeing In front of her eyes, is how Anupam is completing her orders, just like a puppet.  She missed seeing all secret efforts taken by Sanjay for her. 

So here the confidence of my Scorpion king is little bit shaken. So now the phrase “action speaks louder than words”, is not really looks like much effective,  the way it appeared before. What do you think?

So this is the problem,  ACQUINOM,  who just recently entered in my shallow yet beautiful kingdom,  When I intordouce ACQUINOM  to the SCORPION KING. He is now interpreting new thoughts over the idea of my beloved king.  Probably ACQUINOM is being Oversmart now, and SCORPION KING is definately feeling vibes of irritation and jealousy, and me!  I am going to become a squash sandwich in between their argument. 

Help! Or other alternatives can be like this, I will leave the gatekeepr profession and become a beggar,  please help me to safe my job.
 I love both of them,  and their ideas too, you people, the respected public,  please I need your kind help,  in Order to protect ACQUINOM, in case if my king go mad at him. 


Girls: Full clothes,  half clothes,  no matter what and how you have covered yourself,  but they’ll stare at you like you have no clothes on your body.  No matter what you have wear but you will be raped,  why because you are vulnerable to the situation.

Boys(not all but some specific ones) : How dare you to crawl your eyes head to toe on her body,  don’t you feel ashamed. If she is online (@ whatever time you have no right to make your own perceptions,  that why she is online @ 12am,  1AM,  2 AM, 3 AM or whole night or whole day.  Don’t use much brain to figure out,  (Ooooooo she is online definitely she is Finding some hot boys in chatbox or she is online because she is whatever,  whatever she is,  u have no business out of this.)  So don’t dare to send any messages in my inbox if u already make bad intentions and don’t try to investigate my body with your lower mind and eyes. Just acknowledge  your own limits).

May be these text looks like,  which are typed emotionally.Actually yes,   But I change the way of my dressing,  I changed the way I give reaction to boys but their mind doesn’t have changed. If women. Wants to look attractive so what’s bad in it.  But no she rewarded with punishment (sexual assault). We are living in 20th  century but still don’t know when the gender differences,  and looks down on women. When this will be finished.  Technology,  science,  welfare all are changing but people’s capacity to react abnormally on dressing style or  abnormal sexuall behaviour is still killing humanity.